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Welcome to the Nick Murray Newsletter Site


Welcome to our newsletter site. You will find below samples of our newsletters for you to review. In addition to our monthly newsletters, you may also view our main site and our book site


To The Prospective Subscriber
Nick Murray Interactive, now beginning its fourteenth year of publication, intends to intervene positively and meaningfully in the career of then personal financial advisor w . . . keep reading

Sample PDF Newsletter
Nick Murray
Sample PDF Newsletter . . . keep reading

Client's Corner: Learning To Love The Inevitable Correction
February 2014
Client's Corner: Learning To Love The Inevitable Correction . . . keep reading

What It Means To Be Countercultural - Sample
November 2013
What It Means To Be Countercultural . . . keep reading

We Told Them So, Two - Sample
August 2013
We Told Them So, Two . . . keep reading

Sample Resources
Sample Resources February 2014 . . . keep reading

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Sample Squibs February 2014
Squibs Sample . . . keep reading

Sample Ask Nick
Sample Ask Nick February 2014
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Act Now! Twelve monthly issues for $275 . . . keep reading

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The August 2014 ISSUE has been posted. To view, click HERE


I give you credit for my success in this profession, but more importantly for how your mentoring has helped me guide my clients over the years. It has enabled them to sleep better, thereby allowing me to have less stress in my day to day practice. I run into advisors all the time playing the timing and selection game. I shake my head and thank my creator for you!
-- from a longtime subscriber

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. AGAIN! Your answer to the "reverse churning" question in the March issue is worth every subscription fee and Conference tuition fee we've ever paid you. We make sure our clients do nothing most of the time, and that justifies our fee, but we've had it strongly suggested to us that that answer isn't good enough. Your Ask Nick answer gives us the perfect answer! See you in New York.
-- from a mother and son team of charter subscribers and Conference attendees

I will be attending April’s Greatest Hits event and I am eagerly awaiting the experience of hearing you in person and visiting your fantastic city. However, after reading your latest issue of NMI (March 2014), I just had to write to you and tell you how much I value and appreciate your contribution to my career. This latest issue, if not the best, is one of your very best! Thank you so much!
-- from a branch manager in Ontario, Canada

Prior to subscribing to your newsletter and reading your books I did not possess the skill and language to speak to clients the way I now do. Thank you for that gift. My family and clients' lives are much brighter because of what you do.
-- from a subscriber

A success story, in no small measure due to your guidance: My son and I were at our broker/dealer conference with 3,000 reps when Treasury debt was downgraded. The DJIA was down over 700 points, reps were racing to the phones to take panicked clients calls. About 1,000 reps actually left the conference immediately due to their office chaos. Our office received exactly one call, from a client who wanted to invest more money immediately. I believe we do a great job. And you, sir, remain the backbone of our guidance. Thank you for all you do.
-- from a Florida subscriber

Each and every month, I begin looking for your new issue before it is published, and each month the value received from your work is off the charts. I continue to appreciate all you do.
-- a subscriber in Contra Costa County, CA

Thank you for enlightening my thinking, sharpening my message, and simplifying my life. As they say, “the teacher will appear when the student is ready.” Without your help, I wouldn’t have had the conviction to maintain equity heavy portfolios with my retired clients through 08-09. Most of these folks are wealthier today despite over a decade of withdrawals! Thanks for being a guiding light in a world of noise and misinformation!
-- a longtime subscriber

I dread the day you retire - I simply love reading your newsletter every month. But I will not borrow trouble. I will continue to believe that you will live forever, dragging each and every one of us advisors kicking and screaming to be the best we can be! Thanks for all your hard work.
-- a subscriber

Your newsletters and books have certainly bolstered my resolve during those difficult times when I struggled to build a financial practice. My clients and I will be forever in your debt. Thank you for continuing to speak the simple truth, even when most people don’t want to hear it. When you do, I am reminded I must do the same.
-- a fifth year advisor in Alaska

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