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Welcome to the Nick Murray Newsletter Site

Welcome to our newsletter site. You will find below samples of our newsletters for you to review. In addition to our monthly newsletters, you may also view our main site and our book site


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To The Prospective Subscriber
Nick Murray Interactive, now beginning its fifteenth year of publication, intends to intervene positively and meaningfully in the career of then personal financial advisor wh . . . keep reading

Sample PDF Newsletter 2015
Sample PDF Newsletter 2015 . . . keep reading

Client's Corner: Irrational Stocks and Rational Companies
Irrational Stocks and Rational Companies . . . keep reading

Sample Squibs
Sample Squibs 2015 . . . keep reading

Sample Resources 2015
Sample Resources 2015 . . . keep reading

Sample Ask Nick 2015
Sample Ask Nick 2015 . . . keep reading

The Underappreciated Power Of Dividend Growth
December 2014
The Underappreciated Power Of Dividend Growth . . . keep reading

Authenticity Above All
November 2014
Authenticity Above All . . . keep reading

Always Go Straight At The Fear
August 2014
Always Go Straight At The Fear . . . keep reading

Twelve Monthly Issues for $295
Twelve Monthly Issues for $295 . . . keep reading

You'll get instant access to the current edition of the newsletter, plus fifteen years of archives!

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The October 2015 ISSUE has been posted. To view, click HERE


The service you render to so many of us is so completely underpriced and so enormously valuable that it is hard to describe. The good you do is beyond measure. Your advice has always been spot on, and the early release of your September newsletter was an incredible statement that you care about the following you have across the country who listen to you. Timing was perfect, and what went unsaid was your desire to help and the care and concern you obviously possess for all of us. Your advice and books are the most important tools I’ve ever used in 40+ years. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

-- from a four-decade CLU subscriber

Your teachings are core in my practice. My clients and I benefit greatly from your conveyance of wisdom.

-- from a CFP and longtime subscriber

Thank you once again for your excellent newsletter. It is without a doubt the best investment I have ever made.

-- from a longtime subscriber

Your newsletter has had a transformational effect on my business. The essay and chart on dividend growth (December 2014) is as compelling as anything you have written. Your book recommendations have made me a student of history; I am not just a better advisor but a better person for having read them.
-- from a subscriber

Recently, I disengaged from two long time clients because I decided that I would operate only on your principle that if any prospect or client was telling me how to run a portfolio for them, then they had the wrong advisor. I made up the loss of the revenue in less than 30 days and it gave me a sense of control of my career, pursuant to your theory of the Great Cosmic Bank (most recently in the December 2014 issue). Reading your newsletter over the last few years has given me the confidence to make this commitment, along with implementing a total wealth management process for my clients. I have never been happier and more satisfied with my career than I am now. Keep doing what you have been preaching; it has made a profound difference in my career and my family’s life.
-- from a Midwestern subscriber

Reading the November (2014)newsletter. The article on authenticity - I can't decide whether to stand on my chair and shout hurray or cry due to the encouragement this provides me. Amen, brother.
-- from a subscriber

I could never repay you for all the blessings you’ve bestowed upon me, my family, and all the families on my Ark. I read your book Serious Money in 1993 when I first entered this business. Since then, I’ve read (at least once) every book and newsletter you’ve written. Now, 21 years later, following your coaching, I have far surpassed all of my personal financial goals. Moreover, we’ve helped so many clients achieve their own financial goals. Deep in my bones I believe that none of this would have happened but for you. You're my own Bagger Vance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you’ve done and for all you are.
-- from a charter subscriber

Just wanted to say I loved your cover piece in this month's issue ("It Isn't 'Buy and Hold'" October 2014). I thought it was a very valuable piece, and I think that point/topic would make a great eventual Client's Corner essay. Thanks for what you do!
-- from a subscriber

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